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T&A McClelland’s was a Glasgow based whisky blending and export firm established in 1818. The company was purchased in 1970 by Stanley P Morrison (later to become Morrison Bowmore Distillers) and to this day many of the T&A McClelland’s malt whisky brands are still produced and distributed on a global scale.

The McClelland’s range offers a chance to explore Scotland and four of the key whisky distilling regions. The McClelland’s Single Malt Whisky range was first launched in 1986 with an Islay, Highland and Lowland expression. Due to its success and demand, a Speyside expression was introduced in 1999.

Each Single Malt expression is carefully selected to reflect the true essence and character of the region in which it is produced. The packaging reflects the key elements of the region with stunning landscapes by British illustrator Kathy Wyatt. To view a selection of her work please click here.
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