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Don’t Follow Your Heart, Follow Your Nose…

The way that you choose to drink your McClelland's should of course be the way that you enjoy it most. To appreciate your dram to the full, there is nothing better than to follow the procedure adopted by professional ‘noses’.

Every sample of malt whisky presents an array of aromas – in some cases 20 or 30 identifiable scents – and although it is now possible to measure these scientifically, the only means of assessing the overall impact of a whisky is by nosing and tasting.

By using the McClelland’s ‘Tasting Wheels’ you can learn to perfect your nose like the professionals, so follow these simple steps to making a tasting note an plot your results.

First make a note of these:
  • Distillery/Brand
  • Age
  • Strength
Then describe these:
  • Appearance
  • (Colour; texture; clarity)
  • Aroma (no water)
  • (Intensity on a scale of 1-5; nose-feel; cardinal aromas)
  • Aroma (with water)
  • (Primary aromas; secondary aromas; development)
  • Flavour
  • (Mouth-feel; primary taste; overall flavour; finish)
  • Make your comments
  • Score (1-10) and mark your wheel*
* The inner core of the Tasting Wheel uses language deriving from analytical chemistry.
The outer tier describes the principal aromas associated with each segment.
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